Of course, you have heard of love at first sight, and stories whose heroes have been martyred by the coincidence of meeting eyes and falling in love at once.

Well, they might have really felt it, but they wouldn't have continued in love had their ways not come together every once in a while..Visiting the same places, knowing common friends, and searching their feelings for love.

All I want to say is that if there were no coincidences that gathered them together, they would have forgotten over time the moment of love for their eyes, so we can call it the love of coincidences and fortunately it exists and you can make it yourself.

But hey, before making a seashell, you need a unique look.

People usually judge each other by their clothes .. so they know if he is rich, poor, successful, or incompetent.

And the man is not an exception, especially with regard to women, so he knows the beautiful, elegant, daring, and shy woman, just as clothes constitute half of your personality if it is not all ..

Ways to attract a man /

Choose a man you love first, admire him, and want to look forward to his love.

Work on your appearance, then your appearance, buy comfortable elegant clothes that suit your taste, as the man will know if you like your clothes or not.

As I said earlier .. Make a shell with attractive clothes, even if he does not remember you, he will remember your clothes and then repeat them, because nothing works without repeating even love.

There is no need to overdo it with impressive clothes and choose your clothes according to the type of place you are planning to meet.

Meet him on his special occasions and parties he is keen to attend and dazzle everyone with a look he will not expect with elegant clothes that suit his taste.

Finally, do not forget that beauty begins from the inside, except that the man will not see inside you at once, rather it needs to get to know your external appearance first .. So be the first in your appearance.