Women often have trouble choosing their clothes, especially on occasions, due to their desire to be in a distinctive appearance that does not resemble anyone.

The multiplicity of choices, unlike the man who only has limited options, makes this more difficult.

However, these options may agree with the name, as there are formal and casual wear.

If you are also having difficulty .. read on for the end.

Formal wear /

Formal wear can be summarized as a skirt set, or trouser set. And formal clothes are usually of specific neutral colors, such as black, gray, beige and brown.

However, it is possible to appear in several colors that show your beauty and vitality, in addition to your hard work, such as wearing a set of two different colors.

Do not be afraid and try you will be happy and successful at work.

Casual Clothes /

The variety of clothes between dresses, skirts, and pants, in addition to shirts increases your confusion. And it makes you struggle to choose, which leads to being late for your checkout date.

Here are some tips that you can use to coordinate your clothes /

Wear two pieces of one color, such as black, white, and navy blue. You will be more beautiful and classic.

If you are bored with your appearance, wear a colorful coat, this will increase your vitality.

Wear a white shirt with pants in the color you like.

Wear a colorful mini skirt with an exotic pattern and a solid color shirt and matching heel.

Wear a short, wide dress in the color you like, with a short jacket in a different color, and matching shoes and a bag to reflect your beauty.

Finally .. Remember that your morning begins when you choose the right clothes, so make sure that you do so and make your morning bright.